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Trailer Interchange Insurance

Any company or contractor who pulls the trailer of a separate party under a trailer interchange agreement needs trailer interchange insurance. This coverage would protect you against the obligations contained in the trailer interchange agreement such as physical damage to the unit itself, and liability coverage for the benefit of the unit owner if the trailer is vandalized, destroyed or damaged by fire, explosion, accidental collision or other pulling hazards. Call JBL Trinity to discuss the best trailer interchange insurance options for your business.

Trailers that you or your business do not own are not insured under general insurance polices, and require this separate coverage. To ensure your trailer interchange is properly insured, JBL Trinity experts can discuss your individual vulnerabilities and the best solutions for your operations.

No matter who owns the trailer, the trucker in possession of it bears responsibility for any damages that occur before the trailer is returned. Trailer interchange insurance covers payments for these damages, allowing your company to succeed in spite of accidents.

The JBL Trinity Group is here to help you stay protected. Call us today to find out more about the coverage options for your trailer interchange agreement.