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USL&H Workers Compensation

Businesses with employees who work on or near navigable waters, docks, or marine vessels are vulnerable to a unique variety of high risks typically not covered by standard workers’ compensation insurance. To address these special risks, the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (USL&H) was passed, providing robust protection for maritime employees who suffer injuries or illnesses on the job.

Any employer with employees covered under USL&H needs a specialized USL&H Workers’ Compensation insurance policy. Contact JBL Trinity Group, Ltd. today and we will assess your unique risks to ensure you obtain adequate coverage.

Possible Professions Covered

  • Longshore workers
  • Ship-repairers
  • Shipbuilders or ship-breakers
  • Harbor construction workers
  • Other maritime professions

Workers’ compensation provides no-fault coverage for employees who are injured at work. No matter who is at fault, these injured or ill employees are typically entitled to lost income, medical payments, and rehabilitative services. In exchange for this no-fault system, workers relinquish the right to sue businesses. With an adequate workers’ comp policy, your employees are cared for, and your business is protected.