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Wharfingers & Stevedores Legal

Wharfinger’s and stevedore’s legal liability coverage is designed to protect shipping agents who manage a wharf or employ stevedores. These policies cover direct physical loss or damage to property of others during loading and unloading of valuable cargo.

If you conduct maritime operations, the experts at JBL Trinity can help you choose the policies best suited for your business. With our guidance, you can rest assured that vessels in your custody are protected from damages caused by unsafe or negligent berthing.

Wharfinger’s Liability

Wharfinger’s liability insurance protects commercial wharf, dock or pier owners against loss or damage to vessels, barges and property on board while it is in their care, custody and control (CCC). A wharfinger’s insurance policy can also cover wreck removal and property damage to third parties caused by unowned vessels.

Stevedore’s Liability

Stevedore’s liability insurance covers the care, custody, and control (CCC) for stevedoring operations. With stevedore liability coverage, your business is protected against loss or damage to vessels, their cargoes, and surrounding properties, such as the dock, pier, or wharf where the stevedore may be working.